i just woke up from a nap and i had the best dream telling my step dad off. FUCK YOU SCOTT. ^_^

i was in an old house again. but this time, a pitbull found me in the room i was in. its coat was black but, under its coat there seemed to be millions of dots of light that reminded me of stars. it sat in front of me, so i put my hand on its head. as soon as i started to scratch its ears, the dots of light grew brighter and brighter until it filled the whole room with bright light.

i need to name my pit after a star.

a beautiful and tall dark skinned girl took me in and protected me from whatever i was running from. she talked with me for hours while we played on her n64.

the sun was bright and it was hot. but i didn’t mind at all. i sat on the hard ground and in my lap i had everything i needed: a crystal clear sherlock pipe, super green dank, and plenty of orange flavored papers. i loaded everything up, happily humming to myself completely unaware of my surroundings. i finally looked up from my work and i’m surrounded by tropical plants and sounds. not thinking much of it i hit my pipe and soak in the sights and sounds. 

a snap breaks the serenity. i turned to look and through the glare of the sun i saw a fair headed girl. the last thing i heard was a floating laugh before being overwhelmed by the brightness. 

i had the witch dream again. i almost feel as if i should take these dreams as a warning. she stood over me this time when she could have easily killed me in my dream, but she didn’t. i’m not sure what to make of it all.

it was a huge house party. i didn’t recognize the house, but it felt like mine. everyone that i have ever felt a connection to was there. people i’ve met in person, people i’ve met on the internet, everyone. i wondered around the party with a red cup in my hand saying hello to everyone i passed by, offering to get them something, making sure everyone was happy. finally, i made my way to the fireplace. after asking the people sitting on it to let me stand there. the music got quiet and i began to thank everyone for showing up. i told them how much it meant and how happy i was.

i then took out the large pocket knife i had been carrying in my pocket, opened it up, and stabbed myself in my throat. i fell to the floor on my back from sudden weakness i’m assuming. as i fell onto my back, i got a bird’s eye view of the scene. i had a smile on my face as i laid there in my ever growing pool of blood. no one came to help me. but i was happy.

the sun had just set. everything was turning a shade of blue-grey. i walked through the trees of a strange dead forest, dried leaves crunching beneath my feet, not knowing where i was going. after some time, i came upon a clearing, and in the center of that clearing stood a hooded figure, their face hidden in shadow. they did not move or speak as i stood on the edge of the clearing. they simply stood there, as if they were waiting. i then began walking towards them, like i was being drawn in. the closer i got, the more uneasy i felt, but i couldn’t stop myself. 

then there we stood, a mere 3 feet away. it felt like we stood there in front of each other for hours, but then, they spoke. their voice was deep and full of bass. it sounded as if someone had lowered the pitch on their voice. it sent chills through my body.

"we are very disappointed in you, colton", said the figure.

"i’m trying my best…"

"it’s not good enough!"

suddenly i felt overwhelmed. my vision flickered for a moment and i dropped to my knees. i then started to sob, mumbling to myself about how i really was trying as much as i could. then the figure spoke again, this time in a whisper.

"we don’t need you anymore."

i felt the figure move, and as i looked up they pulled out a small sword. before the could strike i put my hands up to defend myself. i flinched as they swung down. i then woke up with tears in my eyes and my heart racing from fear.

i was in a court room, filled with an ever growing buzz from all the hushed voices talking at once. everyone that i could see had a cloth over their head, as if to hide their identity from me; who remained unmasked. one by one they all testified. every word from every person’s mouth was hateful and proclaimed i was nothing more than a burden to them. i sat there in my increasingly uncomfortable chair, willing myself not to cry. but i couldn’t. i just stared at my lap and listened. 

i woke up with tears in my eyes. i still can’t shake the feeling.

everyone i touched turned to ash. i didn’t want to be near anyone but they kept coming to me. friends and family, they all turned to dust. eventually i was left by myself, or so i thought. as i stood there in my house sobbing and surrounded by ash, she walked through the open front door emerging from the solid black that was beyond the doorway. 

the moment i saw her i started crying and screaming. i couldn’t bear it. i wanted to run. i had already turned everyone else into ash but i couldn’t do that to her. but she kept coming closer. i could feel my heart pounding away. i stood there in agony not being able to move. when she was close enough that i could feel her warmth, she reached for my hand. i instantly pulled my hand away from her. she looked at me for a moment in shock with tears in her eyes. 

not thinking and only wishing to comfort her, i used the same hand i took away from her to touch her face. her reaction was more violent than the others. she burst into flame and fell to the floor. the last thing i remember before waking up is a view from above. i was on my knees, screaming next to her charred body.

i was inside a very old house. it was dark. and i was alone. i aimlessly walked from room to room, almost like i was just drifting along. the last room i walked into had a very large bed. i walked to it, laid down, and apparently rested. i then heard noises, waves of sound that were too loud to ignore. they sounded like sound of bass coming from a speaker. and then i heard thumps.

as i got out of the bed i started to float. but i wasn’t scared, it was normal. i floated above the bed for a little while, then drifted towards the door. as i held on to the door, either my vision or the whole house began to move in waves. my heart pounded, this had never happened before. i asked myself what was going on. and then it stopped. the low frequency sound still ringing in my ears. 

i woke with a start, and heard my phone vibrating. i rolled over and heard her voice.